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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

TFT safes discovered in 4 locations

One of the safes that AMBER have found, in Nottingham.
AMBER are reporting that they have found four TFT safes in the Midlands containing the research that got Dr. Solomon Baxter abducted and everything else AMBER would need to expose TFT and destroy their whole operation.

I've been laying low for a while now, but I'm pretty sure this is the breakthrough that I have been waiting for. I am almost certain that I have determined the code necessary to open it. If you are reading this - you know who you are - it will only be a matter of time before myself and my colleagues are preparing its contents for dissemination. Somewhat like YELLOWSNOW (except we will get the job done properly).

As for everyone else, stay safe and remain optimistic for the near future. Seek medical attention for any sudden Legionnaire's like symptoms. I look forward to my next post.

Until next time
-- John

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