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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Amber Eye: The abduction and a few lecture slides

Amber Eye: The abduction and a few lecture slides: I managed to take a short video of Dr. Baxter's abduction...

I found this online today, a post on another blog by someone called Josh who claims to be an AMBER agent. Apparently, Dr. Solomon Baxter had been investigating TFT (that company I mentioned in the last post with the creepy military affiliation) and while he was attempting to tell everyone what he had discovered, he was taken at gunpoint. And one of the gunmen even referred to themselves as TFT.

Can you believe that something like this has been going on right under our noses and it's all been hidden from us? Until now...

Last week, I did some... investigating and managed to find two videos myself (here and here) that show what was supposed to be the BBC's coverage of the abduction HIDDEN ON TFT'S WEBSITE. Don't ask me how I ended up getting access to these videos, but it took a lot more work than I had planned to be doing on my lunch break!

Just know that I am now certain that TFT seriously can not be trusted. If they managed to keep Dr. Baxter and the BBC quiet, who knows just what it is they're trying to hide - and what lengths they will go to to keep it hidden? At least we have AMBER to speak out for us!

I won't say any more for now, because as much as we need to find out where the doctor is, and what he wanted to say, I'm not really planning on joining him any time soon.

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-- John

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